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Monday, December 10, 2012

Gyaru v.s Ulzzang. Which one do you prefer?

This is just a totally random post. PERSONAL THOUGHTS YA. 

Cause my sister really LOVES, I mean LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Gyaru like crazy
and treats Tsubasa Masuwaka as her mum LOL jokes but she buys her line of make-up.
Eyeliner, false eyelashes, etc etc.

This is Tsubasa Masuwaka and her super cute super dolly range of make-up called 
Dolly Wink. The packaging is awesome and even the product is awesome! Do check them out if you got the chance. ;)

Oh yes XiaXue recently did a post on Tsubasa and a Tsubasa look-a-like contest :


They both are so pretty ! 

Read more on her blog post --> http://xiaxue.blogspot.sg/2012/11/dolly-wink-x-tsubasa-masuwaka.html

On the other hand, I prefer Ulzzang style cause it's more natural and light.

Now, on to the comparison ! 

I made a table. :D 

I love both Gyaru and Ulzzang styles but I don't wear Gyaru make-up as much as Ulzzang make-up cause Singapore is fucking hot and if I put thick make-up it feels like my face will melt and I'll look like a melted panda.

Today my boyfriend surprised me by meeting me at Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre ! So touched ^O^
so we decided to walk around the extension area which was just built. :D 

Went to this new shop called JRunway :

They carry really high-end kinda Japanese-imported clothes I think cause all of them are so damn expensive! But pretty :D 

If you live in Singapore you can go check out the store!

My boyfriend bought this on sale striped top for $39.00 o.o
It's still expensive even if it's on sale. wtf.

Ending with a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow ! ^^



  1. mmm I'm like you on this topic, I lean towards ulzzang makeup on a daily basis, but when I go all out, gyaru is what it is B) I love both equally though!

    1. if theres a like button for comments i'll like this one !

  2. I love both but I tend to do more ulzzang make up... maybe because I'm too lazy for all that false eyelash and curly hair stuff.